Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Review of Dehumanized Deity's, "Forever in Blood"

Debut of Destruction!

Hailing from a small southern Albertan town named Taber hails Extreme Metal act, DEHUMANIZED DEITY. This band’s sole member Rhett Anderson is a Multi-Instrumentalist that occupies all stances of creation and production. There are ten songs that make up this bands debut, FOREVER IN BLOOD . Almost 45 minutes that have little to no dull points is quite an impressive achievement and ability. With what initially lacks of, "studio quality recording” comes a tremendous amount of content and passion. Plenty of different influences between Thrash, Death Metal, and Black Metal are portrayed in the tracks that blend extremely well together providing a unique atmosphere to call his own. Very skilled guitar playing with many crushing riffs is one of the very first things that I noticed while listening to this album. The vocals are enjoyable to listen to filled with anger, hate, and a understanding of what his genre expects when writing this kind of music. There are seamless contrasts between slow, melodic tremolo picking and fast brutality really showcasing his skill as a musician and composer. The drums in some parts feel like they are lacking in justice for songs of this proportion and mass, but ultimately they are in time and keep it all stitched together. A lot of it I find, is very reminiscent of early AMON/DEICIDE to which is the golden age of that band in my opinion. All tracks are beyond exceptional but, Huntress of Human Flesh, Darkness Divine, A Fine Line Between Mayhem and Murder, and The Darkness of Man are all fine examples of craftsmanship and talent within this genre. For all fans of the early/underground days of Death or Black Metal, You won’t be disappointed! [4/5]


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