Saturday, December 20, 2014

Interview with Blackened Symphonic Metal band, KorpiFjellet

EXTREME METAL EMPIRE presents our latest interview with Mia Raven of the talented one woman blackened symphonic metal band, KORPIFJELLET.

Extreme Metal Empire: Introduce yourself and state your role in Korpifjellet...

Mia Raven: I am Mia Raven, pianist, vocalist and producer of KorpiFjellet.

EME: Describe Korpifjellet's sound...

MR: KorpiFjellet combines influences of black, folk and symphonic metal.

EME: Tell us about your musical beginnings and the origin of this project...

MR: I first formed KorpiFjellet a year ago when I decided to go from being a solo artist to forming a band that included myself, Hodr Vanorden and Stevil Haunt as session musicians. There is a certain obscurity to a band name that intrigues people to listen to it - especially one in a foreign language.

EME: And for those are not certain of the meaning of the name, would you care to elaborate?

MR: KorpiFjellet means 'Raven in Mountains' in Swedish and Norwegian because I am of both Swedish and Norwegian descent.

EME: Which artists/bands have most influenced Korpifjellet's sound?

MR: Nightwish with Tarja Turunen, Epica and Arkona.

EME: What are your thoughts on the current state of extreme metal?

MR: I think there is a good local scene, for instance independent labels such as Stillborn Twins Records, Depressive Illusions and Relapse Records. The new female fronted black metal band Myrkur is one of my favourite bands to emerge out of this genre. However there is good and bad in every genre. I am not a fan of bands that use shock value to gain recognition. For me, it's entirely about the music.

EME: Describe the songwriting process. How does it all come together?

MR: Usually I start with a chord progression. From there, I write the melody, and then the lyrics.

EME: What is some of Korpifjellet's lyrical content?

MR: KorpiFjellet's lyrics are inspired by Scandinavian landscapes and culture, paganism, and introspective emotions.

EME: You are a classicly trained pianist and vocalist. Do some of your classical musician peers frown upon using those skills towards creating metal?

MR: Since metal is heavily influenced by Classical the crossover seems quite natural. There are lots of classically trained musicians in the metal scene: Tarja Turunen, Floor Jansen, Simone Simons, Tuomas Holopainen as well as members of ElupiA as well, just to name a few.

EME: Any plans on doing live shows in the future?

MR: I plan on playing shows with improv band Apophecy with by S.C. Land and Hodr Vanorden as well as with Edmonton black metal band Lurid Reign, but right now I'm focusing on being a recording artist for the time being.

EME: How has fan response been thus far?

MR: So far I've reached over 1000 followers on Twitter and I've been in the top 10 on Reverberation multiple times with over 1000 KorpiFjellet fans and over 2000 fans as Mia Raven.

EME: Name a few of your songs you're most proud of and tell us a bit about them...

MR: I'm most proud of my recent song Land of the Midnight Sun. It is about a viking's travels through Norway trying to return home. As well, I really like Time to Say Goodbye. It's about a girl whose father passed away and has come back to haunt her.

EME: What are some of your interests outside of music?

MR: I really enjoy hiking and being surrounded by nature. I also enjoy art and handicrafts such as drawing and sewing.

EME: Where can one get your music?

MR: My music is available for purchase or free download on Bandcamp.

EME: What does the future hold for Korpifjellet?

MR: I hope to finish my degree with a minor in recording so I can make higher quality recordings. I also hope to write more material to release in the future.

EME: Thank you for your time. Any parting words?

MR: Thanks to Stevil Haunt for interviewing me, as well as Hodr Vanorden, Patrick Mooney, S.C Land and as well as all others on the SBT roster for their support.

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