Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Frozen Sand - Prelude EP review

This EP was shared to me for review from somebody in this band who found this brand new page!  Hailing from Italy, FROZEN SAND is a 5 piece band that has a ton of promise from what I heard.  Titled, "Prelude EP."  This band is surprisingly not yet signed.   There are 4 songs that are exceptionally high quality and filled with skill from all of the band members.  The studio recording is very clean and well done, really giving you an ability to hear all the nuances every individual musician is trying to achieve within the structure of the songs.  Many solos and great riffing as well as technical drumming to keep you head-banging and entertained for the entire duration of the EP.  These guys are going to go very far in their musical endeavours of Alternative/Melodic Metal. [10/10]  

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