Thursday, December 11, 2014

Interview with Black Metal band, Deathymn

EXTREME METAL EMPIRE presents our latest interview with J Profantor, Grim Isolationist, from veteran one man New England black metal project, DEATHYMN.

Extreme Metal Empire: Introduce yourself and state your role in Deathymn...

J Profantor: (I am)Profanator. Birth name is Jason if anyone cares. And I am the multi instrumentalist and vocalist.

EME: Describe Deathymn's sound...

JP: The sound is black metal.plain and simple. Either blasting or crawling pace. And I'm sure the influences are highly visible,

EME: Tell us about the origins of Deathymn and how you decided on the name...

JP: The origins came about in the summer or 1999 after feeling the darkness and hate of Bathory, Judas Iscariot, Darkthrone, Mayhem, Mortician, etc. After many names that made me unhappy a song from the great Texas black metal band, Averse Sefira, called "Deathymn" from there 2001 release "Battles Clarion". And the rest is history.

EME: What are thoughts on the current state of black metal?

JP: Can't stand it. It's over populated. The mainstream interest that re-emerged in the mid 00s with the books, fashion, releases that catered to little boys and girls. A lot of new bands that think they are black metal are really playing emo and should really should piss sitting down and take there midol and remove the words black metal
from there mouth.

EME: With that being said, are there any current bands that you enjoy?

JP: Besides the crew of bands on SBT(Stillborn TwinsRecords) I've been enjoying bands like Esoterica, Domimium, Witch King, Sangus. But not much new bands. Mostly been playing older bands like, Krieg, Judas Iscariot, Satanic Warmaster, Darkthrone, Mayhem, etc.

EME: What is some of Deathymn's lyrical content?

JP: The usual bm stuff. Satanism, darkness, misanthropy, hate, also self destruction, war, and even love haha...

EME: Describe the song writing process. How does it all come together?

JP: Usually starts with a riff. And then build off that riff. then the drum ideas come in. Then I'll play it over again and again. Either I am satisfied or disgusted. Sometimes it's quick or as if late it is a pain in the fucking ass. Lyrics come easy.

EME: Name a few songs you're most proud of and tell us a bit about them...

JP: Well, I'm not proud of many. But one I have to say is "Blood Covered Warfields". It was on of the first songs I ever wrote. And through the years, it has been fine tuned. The lyrics are about being part of the dark lords army in the battle of armagedda. The lyrics have changed many times over the years. Another is "Cold Darkness". Very Burzum inspired. And "Embers". The music I wrote for that I feel is my best. And the lyrics are a great feeling of joy as a fire burns. "Winters Dead Embrace" is also up there for me though I rushed the vocal recordings. "Night of 1000 Deaths" is people's favorite and that is personally a track I hate the most.

EME: How has fan response been so far?

JP: It's either been really like or hated. Either way I don't give a fuck.

EME: Underground music has been more accesible than ever currently with artists making their music available online. Do you feel this is a good thing or should the underground stay underground?

JP: This is a touchy subject for me. This day and age, it's one click, BAM, full length on your laptop. The mystery is gone with first myspace now this lovely time waster. I think this music is meant to be underground. But bands like Marduk, Watain, etc, they seem to want it differently. But yet it's like pen palls and tape trading. In the sense, you correspond with people world wide and send music.. It's 6 in one, half dozen in the other. What I hate is the elite cunts who cry about Dead and Euryonomus, who were not even a sperm in there dads sack(when Dead and Euryonomus were alive). Trendy tight pants wearing twats.

EME: New England seems to have an strong underground black metal scene. How has the support been for Deathymn from within your scene?

JP: It's been good. Get asked whenever I go to show when is new stuff coming out.

EME: Any plans on adding members and doing live shows?

JP: It has been tossed around in my head for a while. I'm not one for teaching my music to anyone as most of the time I forget what I write. If I do any shows, I want to do a special show. with paint,spikes, fire, blood, etc. It would either be 5 shows, that's it, or if it feels right, a full thing. But getting like minded people who are not in bands or have time for a second band is hard to come by.

EME: Do you have any other projects?

JP: I had Temnotach restarted for awhile, but that has since been put on the back burner.

EME: What are some of your interests outside of music?

JP: Exploring the local woods, reading, chain smoking, drinking coffee and booze, history, posting bad pics on facebook and monster trucks. But lately its been work. That's been taking my interest.

EME: Where can one get your music?

JP: Via the Deathymn bandcamp page, the Stillborn Twins archive page, and various Russian torrent sites. And I have a few physical cds left as well contact via band page or my personal email.

EME: What does the future hold for Deathymn?

JP: Darkness and disgust for life. and maybe a split with another one man New England Band and a full length. Who knows?

EME: Thanks for your time. Any parting words?

JP: Thanks for allowing me to speak. and support the fucking underground. Cheers and spill the blood...

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  1. JP is back at it again, he came by to grab some recording equipment he had stored at my place. Not sure if its for Deathymn or another project.
    Hopefully you'll see him and I collaborate on a release, I'm a sound engineer by trade and showed him what a bit of compression, eq and mastering can do for his sound. Not to mention a full Pro Tools HD setup over an old digital tascam recorder. ��