Tuesday, December 9, 2014

First interview with Black Metal band, Unsung

EXTREME METAL EMPIRE's first ever interview with Nicht, Sole member of Black Metal Project, UNSUNG

Extreme Metal Empire: Describe the sound of Unsung...

Nicht: Earlier Unsung was eerie, depressive, chaotic, discordant, spontaneous and even ambient. The past several years, my style has evolved and I am more focused on structure than before. More recently, the sound of Unsung has developed into more of a consistent, traditional style of hateful black metal.

EME: What is your role in Unsung?

Nicht: For eleven years, I played all of the instruments with a meager, sometimes barely functioning studio setup. I played drums when they were available. When No drums were available to me, I programmed them on my computer. I do not necessarily excel in any one instrument, my talent is in composing simple parts and making them work together.
More recently I have lent the drum duties to my friend Devastation of Plutonian Shore and lead guitar parts by Stevil of Haunt.

: I, being a fan of Unsung, have noticed this transition in your sound. Can we expect a more hateful sound in the future or perhaps a different direction?

Nicht: How my sound evolves somewhat depends on whether I can get my studio fully functioning again. Recent Unsung has omitted keys do to circumstances beyond my control. I will most likely continue in this purist direction, drawing from many classic black metal influences. My last few songs were curses in song form. In the future, I hope to develop my storytelling to envelop the listener in an imaginative world, integrating my personal views.

EME: How did you come up with the name, Unsung?

Nicht: It represents that which is not celebrated. The harsh reality which society abhors.

EME: Describe the lyrical content of Unsung...

Nicht: Descriptions of my own personal hell. Suicidal ideation, entrapment and hopelessness. Demonic influence, ancient hexes and total damnation. My lyrics also investigate the disgusting nature of human beings.

EME: Which bands/artists would you say have influenced your sound?    

Nicht: Gorgoroth's first three albums. Craft, Rob Darken, Hellhammer/Celtic Frost, Pest (fin), Sargeist's first releases, Mutiilation, Leviathan and of course Bathory.

EME: Do you or have played live under this moniker?

Nicht: Never. I have aspirations to be able to fund a full band. I will assist songwriting behind the scenes and do vocal duties exclusively for live performances.

EME: How many releases do you have and please name them...

Nicht: Nicht Erzählt, Death Meditation, Haunt/Lurid Reign/Unsung split. I have an EP on the way named Ghost Cunt.

EME: Do you have any other projects other than Unsung?

Nicht: Yes. Bloodlet Devotion which is a ritual offering to black forms. It is more fervant than Unsung.
I hope to devote more to Bloodlet Devotion after my Ghost Cunt release.

EME: What are your thoughts on the current black metal scene?

Nicht: There will always be a true black metal underground. Fuck off to all the polished glam bullshit bands out there.

EME: Who are some current bands that you enjoy listening to?

Nicht: I enjoy anything from Rob Darken. He is currently producing music in a band called Iron Woods. Many of my old favorites have disappointed me with their newer releases including Sargeist. Haunt is definitely a praise-worthy band. Plutonian Shore is also excellent.

EME: Name a couple of your songs you're most proud of and tell us a little bit about them

Nicht: "This World is Disgusting" I enjoy this song because to me it has an almost second-wave Norwegian sound. It focuses on the disgrace of humanity and the disaster of this shit-society.
"Casting Ruin upon the Lives of Them" This song is heavy and employs riffs that I have created over the years. It is from the perspective of the eternally damned and the hatred towards the living. Influencing from beyond the grave and leading them to ruin their lives. It describes the joy of inflicting misery upon stupid self-righteous beings.

EME: What passions do you have outside of music?

Nicht: Visual art. I have done visual art my entire life. I also enjoy solitude in the wilderness or in cemeteries.

EME: What has fan response been towards Unsung?

Nicht: I have heard little response. Which is fine, I am not doing this to seek any kind of approval. I have a few close friends who respect what I do.

EME: What do you forsee for the future of Unsung?

Nicht: A full live band is the goal. I don't care if it is just playing bars. I want to put on a good performance for a group of dedicated metal heads.

EME: Where can one get your music?

Nicht: Stillborn Twins Records has an archive page.

EME: Thank you for your time. Any parting words?

Nicht: Life has no inherent purpose. That is for you to choose. I also would like to give thanks to all my comrades at Stillborn Twins Records. I have a deep respect for their dedication.  

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