Monday, December 22, 2014

Blackened Death Metal, Darkness Avowed EP review

Deathly Masterpiece

Question: How many musicians does it take to make a completely brutal, well put together onslaught of Blackened-Death madness? The answer is just one man from this heavy, gut wrenching showcasing of brutality. Albeit using drum machines, a very good showing of skill and mastery within the programming. Not overbearing in the least bit, sometimes even questioning weather it is a machine or not. A+ Death metal riffing and solo's, true unfiltered vocals displaying raw passion and talent. Two chilling interludes that are strategically placed within the mix, offering a great 7 song EP from this band. God and Man are One, To Raise the Devil and Awaken Cthulhu are the top tracks in my opinion. [5/5]


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