Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Haunt - The Plague Divine Review

Supreme Blackened Thrash 

Haunt. The one word, one man epitome of Blackened Thrash. Breaking boundaries and smashing regulation, this passionate blast of metal will leave your knees red and neck sore from all the hand- drumming and head-banging after these 10 songs. Guitar riffing and solo's that are inspired from combining the best elements of 80's thrash and the atmospheric sawing of 90's Scandinavian metal. This is a very talented and fierce display of true power. Top notch drumming throughout and a variety of different vocal textures that keep Haunt unique and true to itself. Recorded and mixed as well by the man behind the instruments, a showcase of raw talent and passion into his own craft of Black Metal. All songs carry an aggressive stance that is addictive to re-listen to but War Sequence, Pitch Black, Ancient Eclipse, Revision and At Battles End are the highlights in my opinion. [5/5]


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