Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Lurid Reign / Impaled Martyr - The Final Solution to the Human Question Review

The Final Solution to the Human Question

Lurid Reign and Impaled Martyr are two metal bands that study intensively in the classic, underground-sounding audio style of the genre known as black metal!

Lurid Reign are a one-person Canadian black metal band. Impaled Martyr are a two-person American black metal band. Lurid Reign and Impaled Martyr might specialize in the same genre, however, both bands do have their alterations from each other. Lurid Reign's method are more based in the murkier, shrouded and atmospheric style of black metal. Impaled Martyr's technique are more based in the thrash-i-er, accelerated and aggressive style of black metal.

What this split record features are two talented black metal bands who are merged into one, hellish war-machine!

Lurid Reign are the band to enter upon this release. Lurid Reign feature three, full-length songs on their half of the record, including one track entitled "When Nothing Remains", featuring Desecrator from Impaled Martyr. Lurid Reign's passion rivals some of the greatest bands in the black metal genre, such as, Judas Iscariot, 122 Stab Wounds and Thornium. Lurid Reign have the accuracy for lo-fi tracks for all their songs, the classic black metal theme. Lurid Reign have heavy distortion guitars (something of the doom metal vibe), strong medium-paced riffs, steady drumming and lower-pitched, violent-like vocals.

Impaled Martyr are the final band to conclude this record. Impaled Martyr also feature three, full-length songs on their half of the split, including one track entitled "Global Genocide", featuring Hodr from Lurid Reign. Impaled Martyr's delight also rival some of the greatest black metal bands, such as, Emperor, Witchaven and Burzum. Impaled Martyr specialize in the lo-fi style audio for their tracks as well, keeping within tradition to the classic black metal theme. Impaled Martyr have both, high-pitched guitar solos (something of the thrash metal vibe) and heavy distortion guitars, aggressive fast-paced riffs, brutal drumming and higher-pitched, bloodthirsty-sounding vocals.

This is to be a future classic. If you're searching for an old school-like release from the black metal bands of today, look no further. You are sure to find what you're looking for on this split album, featuring Lurid Reign and Impaled Martyr, entitled "The Final Solution to the Human Question"!


- André Ashes (EME)

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Pagan Spirits - "Memorias de un pasado olvidado" Review

Pagan Spirits - "Memorias de un pasado olvidado" 

   A brother and sister duo hailing from El Salvador. Very unique blend of spiritual ambience and black metal brutality. "1932 (Lamentos de nuestra raza)" starts with a war like syntheziser hymn, and bursts into chugging rhythms and then into all out black metal chaos. "Antiguo Canto bajo la Luna" displays very strong songwriting and structure. The standout track in my opinion, very chilling and calming at times yet still maintains a level of brutality. A strong vocal performance by Spirit of the Moon and excellent riffs throughout by Spiritlord, make this an enjoyable listen. Hails to Pagan Spirits for a solid release that stays true to black metal and to themselves. [10/10]

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Newest song by KorpiFjellet!

Newest single out by KORPIFJELLET named, "Sacred Chants."
Is now available to stream on Youtube and Reverbnation!  Featuring Hodr Vanorden of LURID REIGN on backing vocals, guitar, bass and drums with mastering and engineering by Mia Raven!

KorpiFjellet Facebook                                ---                     Hodr Vanorden Facebook

Mia Raven Facebook                                  ---                     Lurid Reign Facebook

Keeper of the Gloom - Pure Fucking Misanthropy Review

Keeper of the Gloom is the newest addition to the STILLBORN TWINS RECORDS label,  This solo project of Max Southwood is from Onatrio, Canada.  Let me say that you will not be disappointed in this debut release on SBT.  Five very atmospheric and obscure songs with a utilized lo-fi production that only adds to the greatness of these tracks.  Each of them filled with extreme melancholy and hatred really giving the listener a roller-coaster of emotions throughout this incredibly enjoyable listen.  Definitely give this band some support because it is some unique and interesting Black Metal.  [10/10]

Download --->HERE<---


Monday, January 26, 2015

Stillborn Twins Youtube

Check out the STILLBORN TWINS RECORDS youtube page.  Over 120+ videos showcasing the very best of this label.  Be sure to subscribe to get your complete fill of true Underground Extreme-Metal and Punk!! Click the link below to visit!

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Lurid Reign - Blackest Spells

Youtube video from LURID REIGN's most recent split release with IMPALED MARTYR now available for streaming!

Get the full split for free digital download HERE!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Lurid Reign / Impaled Martyr split released today!

6 songs of Black Metal Fury and hatred for humanity.  Split with IMPALED MARTYR,  'The Final Solution to the Human Question' is unleashed! Physicals to come soon! Get it for free download HERE!