Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Pagan Spirits - "Memorias de un pasado olvidado" Review

Pagan Spirits - "Memorias de un pasado olvidado" 

   A brother and sister duo hailing from El Salvador. Very unique blend of spiritual ambience and black metal brutality. "1932 (Lamentos de nuestra raza)" starts with a war like syntheziser hymn, and bursts into chugging rhythms and then into all out black metal chaos. "Antiguo Canto bajo la Luna" displays very strong songwriting and structure. The standout track in my opinion, very chilling and calming at times yet still maintains a level of brutality. A strong vocal performance by Spirit of the Moon and excellent riffs throughout by Spiritlord, make this an enjoyable listen. Hails to Pagan Spirits for a solid release that stays true to black metal and to themselves. [10/10]

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