Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Newest song by KorpiFjellet!

Newest single out by KORPIFJELLET named, "Sacred Chants."
Is now available to stream on Youtube and Reverbnation!  Featuring Hodr Vanorden of LURID REIGN on backing vocals, guitar, bass and drums with mastering and engineering by Mia Raven!

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Keeper of the Gloom - Pure Fucking Misanthropy Review

Keeper of the Gloom is the newest addition to the STILLBORN TWINS RECORDS label,  This solo project of Max Southwood is from Onatrio, Canada.  Let me say that you will not be disappointed in this debut release on SBT.  Five very atmospheric and obscure songs with a utilized lo-fi production that only adds to the greatness of these tracks.  Each of them filled with extreme melancholy and hatred really giving the listener a roller-coaster of emotions throughout this incredibly enjoyable listen.  Definitely give this band some support because it is some unique and interesting Black Metal.  [10/10]

Download --->HERE<---